Webinar on Materials Science & Nanotechnology

February 08-09, 2021       9:00 - 18:00 EDT

Theme: Research Innovations on Materials Science and Nanotechnology

Invoine Scientific Meetings welcomes to participate in Webinar on Materials Science and Nanotechnology-2021 Conference during February 08-09, 2021 through webinar and will be organized around the theme on Research Innovations on Materials Science and Nanotechnology. The major goal and feature of this conference is to enhance knowledge about the newest interdisciplinary approaches in the field of Material Science and Nanotechnology by bringing together great scientist from multi-disciplinary groups from all over the world. The attending of drives you through the strengthened and modernized researches in this field. Come and join this glorious event and make it successful!

Materials Science and Nanotechnology conference plays a vital role in our lives because of its uniqueness in properties and extended application in various industries. These are the basis of modern science and technology. Material and Nano Science are at the heart of many technological developments that touch our lives and find applications such as electronic materials for communication and information technology, biomaterials for better health care, sensors for intelligent environment, energy materials for renewable energy and environment, light alloys for better transportation, materials for strategic applications and more.

Advanced Material and Nano Science is the study of all of the materials we see around us every day. Materials Science or Nano Engineering forms a bridge between the sciences and engineering. It allows theory to be put into practice in a way which benefits everybody. They develop new materials for new applications, improve existing materials to give improved performance and look at ways in which different materials can be used together.

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Conference Sessions & Tracks

  • Materials Science and Engineering
  • Nanotechnology-Basics Applications
  • Smart Materials and Technologies
  • Electronic, Optical and Magnetic Materials
  • Metals, Mining, Metallurgy and Materials
  • Bio-Materials & Bio-devices
  • Biosensor and Bio-electronic Materials
  • Ceramics & Composites materials
  • Nanoscale materials and Structural materials
  • Pharmaceutical & Industrial Coating Materials
  • Carbon & Graphene Based Materials
  • Computational Materials Science
  • Nano Robotics and Advanced 2D Materials
  • Nano Technology in Clinical and Translational Research
  • Polymer Science and Nano Engineering
  • Nanobiotechnology and Nanosafety
  • Emerging Areas of Materials Science
  • Nanoelectronics and Nanophotonics
  • Nano Physics and Nano Chemistry
  • Carbon and Graphene Nanostructures and its Applications
  • Nanofabrication, Nanoprocesing and Nanomanufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology
  • Biological and Medical Nanodevices and Biosensors
  • Nanoscience and Technology
  • Nano Medicine and Nano biotechnology
  • Nanotechnology for Environment and Energy
  • Nanotechnology in Materials Science
  • Nanobiology and Nanobiosystems
  • Advances in Nanotechnology
  • Nano Drug Delivery and Therapeutics
  • Life Sciences and Nanomedicine
  • Graphene and 2D properties
  • Materials Science usage in Aircraft and Automobile manufacturing
  • Materials Science on Spintronics
  • Materials Science in Construction and Architecture

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Who Can Attend

  • Scientists
  • Professors
  • Physicists/Chemists
  • Polymer Companies
  • Material Science Companies
  • Material Science Associations
  • Research Scholars and Students
  • Members of different Associations
  • Junior/Senior Research Fellows
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Directors and Members of Chemical Companies
  • Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology Engineers

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  • Global & Local expertise
  • Prospective attendees
  • Larger worldview of the profession
  • Open gateway towards innovation
  • Transparency communication
  • We focus on your career growth
  • We're passionate about what we do
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